2 Series Gran Coupe is BMW's new compact sedan

2 Series is BMW’s latest Gran Coupe image via BMW

BMW has expanded its compact four-door offering with a new 2 Series Gran Coupe model.

This new vehicle has been deigned to counter Mercedes-Benz’s CLA and is an interpretation of the compact sedan theme, with a sloping roofline.

With its frameless doors and teardrop side-profile, the 2 Series Gran Coupe fills the space between 1 Series hatch and BMW’s traditional 3 Series sedan.

It also becomes the most compact BMW with a boot, which is important for those buyers who prefer the lockable security of a metal stowage area, as opposed to a glass tailgate.

The 2 Series Gran Coupe shares its platform with BMW’s new 1 Series, which is front-wheel drive. These new vehicles are a departure from BMW’s traditional engineering philosophy of producing only rear- and all-wheel drive vehicles.

Since BMW acquired the Mini brand in the mid-1990s, there was always a likelihood that the company’s smaller vehicles would start to convergence in terms of engineering resources and adopt front-wheel drive as a default configuration.

2 Series Gran Coupe has unique design details

2 Series Gran Coupe is BMW's new design direction
2 Series Gran Coupe has a sloping rear roofline image via BMW

This new BMW combines the practicality of four-doors and a boot, with a slightly more daring appearance. It also has frameless doors..

Although the sloping roofline gifts this new compact BMW a more dynamic presence, it remains a practical vehicle too. Luggage capacity totals 430-litres, which is 50-litres more than you’d get in a 1 Series five-door hatchback, which shares the same floorplan.

Mechanically this new BMW features the brand’s latest range of turbocharged four-cylinder engines. The 218i version has a 1.5-litre turbocharged three-cylinder engine, good for 103kW and 220Nm.

For those BMW customers who seek the stylish appearance of a 2 Series Gran Coupe with excellent fuel consumption and long-range touring ability, there will also be a 220d version. This derivative has a 2-litre turbodiesel, producing 140kW and 400Nm, with cruising diesel consumption of 4.5l/100km.

The M235i xDrive is powered by a 2-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, boosting 225kW and 450Nm. This potent 2-litre engine is paired with all-wheel drive, to distribute engine output. BMW claims it will run 0-100kph in 4.8 seconds. It is the one variant which is not front-wheel drive.

BMW is expected to launch this new model into global markets during the first half of 2020.

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