M2 CS is a lightweight version of BMW’s beguiling 2 Series

M2 CS is a lightweight version of BMW’s beguiling 2 Series

BMW’s latest M-car is a lightweight version of the outgoing 2 Series image via: BMW AG

BMW has saved its best for last, with the M2 CS. As production of the current 2 Series nears its end, BMW has revealed its ultimate evolution of the brand’s F22 platform.

The M2 has garnered a loyal following amongst performance car enthusiasts and this latest version is the most impressive yet.

For BMW fans, the M2 CS will also be a poignant car. With shared platform pressure forcing BMW to reconsider its model strategy, the future 2 Series will only arrive late in 2021 and M2 CS is a swansong to current F22 platform.

There is not much to visually distinguish this CS version from a standard M2 Competition pack car, but the component upgrades are present.

BMW has swapped out the steel bonnet for a carbon-fibre one, halving weight. Composite bits are also present in the roof structure, front splitter, rear spoiler and diffuser combination and wing mirrors.

Not only do many of these raw-weave carbon components look striking, but they combine to reduce overall mass by about 50kg.

The carbon-fibre design theme continues inside too, with a composite tunnel console. Other lightweight trim details include an ergonomically shaped Alcantara steering wheel and fabric door-pulls, instead of traditional door handles.

M2 CS most potent 2 Series yet

M2 CS adds some choice carbon bits
To lower its centre of gravity, the M2 CS has a carbon roof image via: BMW AG

Mechanically the M2 CS features an upgraded engine and sophisticated exhaust system. Powering this most potent 2-Series is BMW’s S55 3-litre engine, which has six-cylinders and two turbochargers.

BMW’s engineers have worked their magic on the engine’s electronics and exhaust efficiency to boost peak power from 302kW in a Competition edition M2, to 331kW in the new CS derivative. That 331kW power figure is supported by a surge of torque too, rated at 550Nm.

This latest performance car from BMW should also resonate dramatic acoustics, thanks to a dual-branch exhaust system with electronically controlled valving. That means the M2 CS is quiet when you need it to be, yet also capable of sounding completely manic at full throttle.

Owners will have the option of either a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission or more immersive six-speed manual. For those who intend to keep their cars for future classic status, the manual transmission will unquestionably have superior residual value over time.

In the context of BMW’s celebrated M-Division two-door sportscars, the M2 CS is effectively a smaller, lighter and more agile version of the M4.

Production volumes for the M2 CS will be limited to 2200 cars, with South Africa due to receive a very small allocation of those, in 2020.

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