Retro-inspired FPS Amid Evil updated with RTX raytracing features

Retro-inspired FPS Amid Evil updated with RTX raytracing features

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Support for ray tracing in games is slow but it’s getting there, bit by bit. The latest in a growing list of games to take advantage of the groundbreaking graphics technology is the retro-inspired first-person shooter Amid Evil. 

This one’s for fans of old-school shooters such as Quake, Doom, Hexen, and modern takes like Ion Fury and Dusk. Amid Evil launched on PC in the summer and has earned rave reviews, including an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ reaction on Steam. Visually, it very much looks like an old game made in the modern era and now it’s been even further improved with the addition of RTX support for those of you who’ve got GeForce RTX graphics cards.

If you own Amid Evil and want to give the snazzy new raytracing features a shot then all you need to do is download the beta branch of the game. Go to Amid Evil’s ‘Properties’ section in Steam, navigate to the ‘Betas’ tab, and  then enter the beta access code AmidRTX12345

Once you’ve got the beta build downloaded then it will automatically boot into a brand new Amid Evil RTX Test Level dubbed The Lost Falls. While the raytracing features are still very much in a beta, typing AELEON will open up the full game’s level selector and allow users to play any level with RTX enabled.

From the sounds of things it’s still early days for Amid Evil’s RTX features and the development team is working with Nvidia on enhancing the support, just as we’ve seen with Quake RTX’s continuous improvement since its launch last year.


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