SVAutobiography is a more potent baby Range Rover

SVAutobiography Velar can drift on dirt image via: JLR SA

Land Rover has expanded its South African luxury SUV range with a more exclusive version of Velar, the SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition.

This new variant features some subtle styling details and technical upgrades, to justify its premium billing.

Since its launch, Velar has proved popular with local Land Rover customers who wanted a vehicle with all the presence and style of a Range Rover, but in a slightly more compact package.

With most South African luxury SUVs used as urban commuters, a traditional Range Rover is simply too large for compact parking spaces and lane-changing in congested traffic.

To many, a Velar is the perfectly sized Range Rover and if you wish to have it in an even more exclusive trim, that is now delivered with the SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition.

Distinguishing the SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition from other Velars, is its unique Satin Byron blue paint finish and optional 22-inch alloy wheels.

Underneath this limited edition Velar, there is also a transmission cover, which helps calm airflow below the vehicle at speed.

SVAutobiography offers a more immerse drive

Quad exhaust that transmit a V8 bellow
Velar SVAutobiography has some of the most impressive exhausts in production image via: JLR SA

The bits that truly distinguish this SVAutobiography from lesser Velars, are mechanical.

Powering  the SVAutobiography is a 5-liter supercharged V8 engine, which boosts 405kW and 680Nm. Land Rover claims that its most exclusive Velar will run 0-100kph in 4.5 seconds.

The huge quad exhaust ends have been redesign and are now lighter by 3.5kg at each end of the rear bumper, whilst retaining the capability to emit a dramatic V8 soundtrack at full throttle.

Engineers spent an inordinate amount of time recalibrating all the Velar SVAutobiography’s powertrain integration systems and added larger diameter anti-roll bars to mitigate against body lean in corners.

A total of 63 900 hours were employed to tune this new Velar’s throttle response and traction control systems, in order to deliver a driving experience which is different, and more rewarding, than any other current Land Rover performance SUV.

To keep the Velar SVAutobiography safe at speed, Land Rover have added more powerful brakes, which are curiously larger at the back, than they are up front.

Behind those front wheels, there are 395mm brake discs, whilst at the rear axle, they are sized 396mm. To ensure convergence with the Velar SVAutobiography’s high-performance driving theme, the brake callipers are painted red.

Land Rover will only be offering this most potent Velar on sale for one year, priced at R1 743 325.

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