Up For Debate – Do you love messing around in games or do you go straight to the objectives?

Up For Debate – Do you love messing around in games or do you go straight to the objectives?

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Games can scratch different itches depending on the type of person you are, whether that be a creative, a logical problem solver, a natural leader or a born follower. The games we enjoy are shaped by the people we are,   as well as the games we were exposed to during our formative years.

For some, a game is a digital sandbox. A toy, a play thing, to be messed around with to see what works and what crazy possibilities there are. Some want to know how it can be broken and what exactly is pulling its strings. They want to know the inner machinations. For others, a game is something to be beaten; to be checked off and completed as efficiently as possible. To satisfy the urge to be a victor rather than the urge to play.

No doubt a lot of people probably think one or all of these categories depending on what game they’re playing. Others though, probably slot neatly into one or the other

Most obviously, it’s fairly likely it’s determined by the very games you choose to play. Those who’ve racked up thousands of hours in Minecraft, Mount and Blade, or Crusader Kings II are probably neatly summarised as players. Big imaginations and creative minds. It’s not just the games you choose to play, though, but also about how you play your games. Are you the sort to spend dozens of hours messing around with causing carnage and police chases in Grand Theft Auto V? Or do you head straight to the mission marker to be given something definitive to work toward? It’s one game which can be played in many different ways, each providing a different sort of enjoyment.

We’re all probably a little bit different on this one, although I’d be interested to see the balance. For me personally, I’m all about messing around within an online setting, such as Red Dead Online, but for anything single-player I like a strict goal and something to work toward. Once I’ve finished a game I don’t tend to head back in to see what I could’ve done differently either, or try to push against its systems. I quite, uninstall, and move on. I was always like this though. I used to spend hours and hours messing around aimlessly flying planes under bridges in BF1942, or trying to escape from the map in Halo, or even running Bob-Omb Battlefield in Mario 64 endlessly. 

At some point though, time became a bit more limited so I began to prefer picking something up to play and knowing I could get something done in that session. I probably sound like Peter Banning from Hook, a fun-Grinch, but I haven’t completely forgotten how to play, honest, it’s just times change.

But what about you lot? Do you love nothing more than messing around in a virtual sandbox for hours on end? Or are you the sort who loves churning through checklists of objectives? Perhaps somewhere in between? Get voting and be sure to let us know why you love playing games!


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