Empower your network to work smarter, not harder

Empower your network to work smarter, not harder

The network is the new business imperative 

As we fully get into the swing of the new year, the sole guarantee business leaders have is that change is constant. According to Accenture’s Pulse of Change: 2024 Index, released ahead of January’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, business disruption is expected to accelerate much faster than expected, with technology ranked as the number one reason.  

Generative AI, IoT, and other connected technologies continue to reset business expectations and create challenging dynamics for IT teams to accommodate. Networks play a pivotal role in enabling data services and are increasingly looked to as the lifeline for IT to address priorities around user experience, application performance, access and deployment, interoperability, and integration.  

Advanced automation capabilities like AIOps and integrated IoT operations connections are needed to help IT teams manage new scale and complexity requirements while security concerns become a natural part of the networking conversation and are becoming a leading necessity in next-generation refresh initiatives. But as these capabilities are made available, piecemeal, distributed, and overlay solutions intended to address gaps in IT infrastructure will more than likely create more chaos rather than simplify design. As you build out your next-generation network, look to a security-first, AI-powered network solution as the foundation needed to unify your infrastructure and scale your resources for the future. 

Introducing security-first, AI-powered networking 

By implementing a unified infrastructure solution with HPE Aruba Networking, you benefit from decades of networking and security design advancements made within the hardware and software capabilities you choose to deploy. Policy follows the user and use case of your deployment to ensure consistent access and segmentation is applied no matter when and where connectivity is required. AIOps capabilities leverage the industry’s largest networking data lake for instant network services availability, providing your IT team with a jumpstart to network performance optimization and diagnostics. Flexibility and choice in deployment architecture also help you maintain control and adhere to your industry or corporate compliance requirements. 

Unified infrastructure benefits help your network work smarter, not harder, by providing:   

  • Improved IT efficiency: Encourage collaboration between IT teams focused on end-user services, IoT and application development, network operations, and security, risk, and compliance by ensuring network tools and operations are accessible and collaborative. 
  • Consistent end–user experience: Ensure users and devices are granted access where needed—and the network can proactively optimize and analyze areas of concern by using advanced visibility and segmentation capabilities across access, core, and data center network fabrics. 
  • Reduced cyber risk: With the appropriate visibility and access controls automatically in place, network teams can more efficiently secure against external actors, identify and mitigate at-risk assets, and meet industry compliance requirements with instant access to appropriate alerts and reports available across cloud and on-premises deployment options. 
  • Accelerated IoT adoption: Accelerate deployment of line of business technologies such as onsite Wi-Fi and wired networking, point of sale systems, security cameras, Bluetooth and Zigbee sensors, and more by utilizing vendor direct IoT integrations built into HPE Aruba Networking Central, our cloud-native network services platform. 

It’s time to make a move 

For more information on how you can get started with a security-first, AI-powered approach to networking, visit our unified infrastructure home page for resources such as brochures, product documentation, and contact sales for next steps.  


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