AWS launches Deadline Cloud for content rendering

AWS launches Deadline Cloud for content rendering

AWS Deadline Cloud, according to the company, provides a web-based portal with the ability to create and manage render farms, preview in-progress renders, view and analyze render logs, and easily track these costs.

Components of Deadline Cloud

Just like its predecessor, Deadline Cloud creates rendering jobs on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances directly from digital content creation (DCC) pipelines and workstations, which is essentially computer-aided design (CAD) and content-addressable memory (CAM) data.

“You can create a rendering farm, a collection of queues, and fleets. A queue is where your submitted jobs are located and scheduled to be rendered. A fleet is a group of worker nodes that can support multiple queues. A queue can be processed by multiple fleets,” the company explained in a blog post.

AWS’ Deadline Cloud consists of four key components — cloud monitor, cloud submitter, cloud budget monitor, and cloud usage explorer.

With the cloud monitor enterprise teams can access statuses, logs, and other troubleshooting metrics for jobs, steps, and tasks, the company said, adding that it provides real-time access and updates to job progress along with the ability to browse

multiple farm, fleet, and queue listings to view system utilization.


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