Google enhances Distributed Cloud with AI search, flexible storage

Google enhances Distributed Cloud with AI search, flexible storage

The cloud services provider has also added storage flexibility to Distributed Cloud, which will enable enterprises to increase their storage independent of compute. This will help support large analytics and AI workloads, the company said, adding that it was providing options across block, file, and object storage.

New racks

Distributed Cloud, according to the company, will now have access to racks specially optimized for AI and general compute workloads.

These racks offer the added flexibility of choosing network- or storage-optimized nodes for a deployment, the company said.

Google’s partnership with Nvidia will also provide enterprises with access to a new server for Google Distributed Cloud equipped with an energy-efficient Nvidia L4 Tensor Core graphics processing unit (GPU).

“A single server can be deployed as a standalone appliance for use cases where high availability is not necessary. This offering is an addition to our AI-optimized servers with Nvidia H100 Tensor Core GPUs to accelerate your AI innovation on-prem,” the company said in a statement.

The new updates to survivability enhancements includes a disconnected mode with support up to 7 days, and a suite of offline management features to help ensure deployments, workloads are accessible in working condition while they are disconnected.


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