Google unveils $1B plan for subsea cables to Japan

Google unveils $1B plan for subsea cables to Japan

The investments in network infrastructure Google has made across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region supported approximately 1.3 million additional jobs by 2021 and contributed $640 billion to the region’s aggregate GDP from 2010 to 2021, according to a report from Analysys Mason commissioned and sponsored by Google.

Furthermore, such investments offer opportunities for US-based companies to enhance their presence in the APAC region. This is particularly significant at a time when geopolitical dynamics are prompting businesses to seek alternatives to Chinese entities.

“Overall, it will stimulate demand for more data-intensive businesses,” said Pareekh Jain, CEO of Pareekh Consulting. “It will affect bandwidth-intensive sectors, such as e-commerce, finance, and others. We can observe the integration of technology-driven innovations, which is crucial. Japan, an aging society, is at the forefront of adopting technological advancements, including automation. The country is home to some of the highest numbers of robots, especially in domestic settings, showcasing a strong inclination towards innovation.”

The benefits may be seen across sectors. In e-commerce, for instance, faster and more reliable data transmission could revolutionize customer experiences and streamline supply chain management, according to Thomas George, president of CyberMedia Group.

“A robust infrastructure ensures reliable and swift connectivity, minimizing downtime and disruptions in operations, which is essential for providing a positive customer experience, especially in today’s hyper-connected world,” George said. “For the manufacturing sector, this enhanced connectivity may pave the way for advanced automation and real-time monitoring of production processes. In the financial sector, accelerating data processing and transmission could enable more timely and accurate decision-making, which is crucial in environments such as high-frequency trading.”

Strengthening Google’s APAC presence


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