Enterprises struggle with network reliability, security: survey

Enterprises struggle with network reliability, security: survey

“5G came out of the gate with tremendous hype and transformative potential, but the two-tiered deployment (NSA and SA), combined with a lagging device ecosystem, has tempered much of the enthusiasm for 5G, particularly as network deployments become more commonplace and AI takes over the technology spotlight,” said Jason Leigh, research manager, 5G and Mobile Services at IDC, in a statement.

Network security concerns also plagued survey respondents, with nearly half (49%) of businesses reporting they were subject to an attack in the last 12 months. Of those decision-makers that who experienced a network security attack, 42% said company data was most frequently attacked, with 35% of respondents saying the breaches “usually result in data loss.”

“These findings reinforce the urgency for enterprises to prioritize resilient and secure network connectivity as industries across the U.S. navigate uncertain economic climates, emerging technology, advanced threat landscapes, increasing consumer demands, and talent shortages,” said Donna Johnson, CMO at Cradlepoint, in a statement. “Controllable, scalable, and secure networks for critical business functions come with strategic 5G adoption.”


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