Cradlepoint unveils 5G SASE platform for mobile, distributed environments

Cradlepoint unveils 5G SASE platform for mobile, distributed environments

Enterprise organizations must be able to apply zero-trust security solutions to reduce the attack surface of dynamic networks, Cradlepoint says. It built consistent policies into NetCloud SASE that follow users and devices when roaming and when mobile, ensuring they remain compliant with the policies and threats can be thwarted from anywhere. Cradlepoint’s 5G SD-WAN provides app-based traffic steering using cellular attributes such as available bandwidth and data plan usage as well as SIM authentication.

While other solutions require agents or special browsers, NetCloud SASE uses agent-less, isolation-based security to air-gap corporate applications from unmanaged devices, mitigating the risk of malware infection. NetCloud SASE obscures IP addresses, blocks east-west traffic, and is deny-all by default, according to Cradlepoint. 

“Once you get to these dynamic mobile distributed environments, security gets exponentially more complex. We need to rethink security,” said Camille Campbell, director of product marketing at Cradlepoint, during a company webinar. “Zero trust can bring organizations a long way to help minimize that network attack surface to obscure IP addresses from the threat of discovery and to hide the network traffic to ensure attached resources are dark and undiscoverable.”


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