Extreme demos AI technology to target enterprise network problems

Extreme demos AI technology to target enterprise network problems

The AI Expert gathers data from a combination of Extreme’s public repository, knowledge base and Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC) documentation as well as customer network details. 

Pulling and combining data from applications and devices across the network to establish intelligence on performance and experience, Extreme stated.   

“Extreme AI Expert will curate enterprise data to provide insights, automate operations and create alerts when it detects anomalies like network overload, degradation or Wi-Fi dead spots, among others,” Extreme stated.   

Ultimately the system recommend preventative actions, offer suggestions and suggest network optimization based on business KPIs. Extreme AI Expert creates suggestions to troubleshoot, resolve or proactively address issues, Extreme stated.

AI Expertis currently a tech preview and Extreme expects to start  integrating the technology  — likely in its ExtremeCloud IQ wireless and wired network-management offering as well as its CoPilot AI-based management tool.

Extreme joins a number of vendors, including Cisco, Fortinet and HPE Aruba that have recently unveiled AI-based assistants designed to help enterprise customers better assess security situations, eliminate errors and automate complex tasks.


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