Anthropic Offers Paid Plans, iOS app

Anthropic Offers Paid Plans, iOS app

Led by Google and Amazon, AI platform Anthropic is going hell-for-leather to acquire enterprise customers for its Claude 3 large language model that can assist companies customize their workflows based on team requirements. At the heart of the matter is the predicted eight-fold growth in corporate Gen AI spends to $15.1 billion by 2027.

 Capturing corporate dollars could eventually prove to be the gamechanger for companies innovating around AI chatbots and its use cases across a variety of industries. Holding pole position currently is the Microsoft-funded ChatGPT4, which explains why Amazon and Google are keen that Claude 3 casts its net wider with its new paid plans. 

Anthropic’s enterprise offering comes cheap

 Per a statement from Anthropic, Claude enables companies to shape their workflows based on their teams’ unique needs and goals, rather than being limited by their existing tools. Built with security and data privacy in mind, Claude helps protect sensitive business information. The Team plan is $30 per user per month, with a minimum of five seats.

 Anthropic was in the news for two reasons in recent times. The first was when it closed investments from Amazon to the tune of $2.75 billion and the other was when it got chatbots to answer queries that it wasn’t supposed to. We had written earlier about how Anthropic managed to do this jail break. 

 The enterprise plan appears to target enterprises in the highly regulated industries such as finance, legal and healthcare, while the Claude iOS app offers seamless sync with web chats, real time image analysis and contextual understanding around images and open access across both Pro and Team plans. Watch the video explainer here.

More AI capabilities that can work across an enterprise

 From Anthropic’s point of view, the team plan provides enterprise users with advanced AI capabilities across their organizations and is designed for businesses of all sizes and verticals that hope to make AI a way of life. More importantly, it allows them to give access to employees to use Claude’s capabilities in a controlled environment. 

 For starters, the Team plan allows more usage per user compared with the existing Pro plan, which means one can ask more queries than earlier. The context window is also broader which means the model considers more input data before spewing out an answer. The larger the context window, the more the memory and the better the results. 

The new subscription also provides users with new toggles to control billing and user management while the company also promises new collaboration features to verify AI-generated claims, integrations with data repositories etc. This could be a key differentiator as most testers have reported hallucinations on these chatbots. 

Whether you need a partner for deep work, a knowledgeable expert, a creative collaborator, or an assistant that’s available instantly, Claude augments every employee’s capabilities and enables businesses to achieve new levels of productivity to drive better results, says Anthropic in the media statement. 

What else could be coming on Claude 3

Soon, Team customers would also be able to leverage tool use capabilities for Claude 3 which is now in open beta phase. So, users would be able to equip Claude 3 with custom tools that can then perform a broader range of tasks such as getting a company’s stock price or the local weather. This would put it on par with the OpenAI GPTs. 

By the looks of it, Anthropic is looking to make it worthwhile for enterprises to integrate Claude into their collaborative workflows through Team plans. Coming at a time when several businesses are now shifting from AI experiments to full-scale deployments, the company could be hoping for a head start in the battle for enterprise customers. Expect OpenAI to go one up soon enough! 

The company had recently said listed 600,000 new users for its enterprise tier platform – ChatGPT Enterprise. Additionally, it launched several tools to help companies with compliance and governance requirements. Though OpenAI hasn’t published its prices, reports on Reddit suggest that they charge $30 per user per month for 120 users. 

So, in terms of pricing, it is advantage Anthropic. Which is why we believe that ChatGPT would soon be advising its owners to take a crack at better rates on enterprise business.


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