Tata Communications launches edge computing platform for enterprises

Tata Communications launches edge computing platform for enterprises

In manufacturing, they consolidated operational data into a single data lake to enable analytics and potentially leverage AI for insights.

“This integration [in manufacturing] has already reduced potential downtime by about 60% and improved production efficiency by 20%,” Venkataraman said.

Pricing strategy

The company will offer two pricing models — one based on CPU resources used and the other it terms as “use case as a service.”

“Our goal is to transition more towards the latter model as it aligns closely with client needs, especially as our use cases become more integrated and clients gain a deeper understanding of the advantages they offer,” Venkataraman said.

Edge computing often revolves around specific use cases, he added. For instance, if a customer is implementing a video analytics use case, Tata Communications can offer pricing per user per month, or per deployment per month. “This allows customers to easily understand their costs, especially if they’re deploying multiple use cases across numerous locations,” Venkataraman said. “For example, if they are implementing 10 use cases across 100 stores, the cost calculation becomes straightforward and transparent.”


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