IBM Power server targets AI workloads at the edge

IBM Power server targets AI workloads at the edge

“By placing data, data management capabilities and analytic workloads at optimal points, ranging all the way to endpoint devices, enterprises can enable more real-time use cases. In addition, the flexibility to move data management workloads up and down the continuum from centralized data centers or from the cloud-to-edge devices will enable greater optimization of resources,” Gartner notes in its March 2024 Market Guide for Edge Computing.

Securing those workloads is also a key feature of the S1012. “To ensure insights remain a competitive advantage and don’t fall into the wrong hands, transparent memory encryption with Power10 secures data in and out of AI models running locally addressing data leaks,” Sibley stated.

The servers feature advanced remote management capabilities to let organizations efficiently manage and monitor their IT environments remotely, to enhance responsiveness and minimize downtime, Sibley stated. “High-availability features such as redundant hardware and failover mechanisms can help ensure continuous operation, all within a compact physical footprint,” Sibley stated.

The S1012 is aimed at small-to-medium users and offers a lower entry point for customers to get into the IBM Power lineup that includes the high-end 240 core, 64Tb Power E1080, and the E1050, which is aimed at memory-intensive workloads and includes up to 48 cores and 16TB memory. 

The IBM Power S1012 will be generally available in a 2U and a tower model from IBM and certified business partners on June 14, 2024.


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